Conventional laying cages

Conventional cage systems come in a wide variety of shape and size. In general the cages are made for 5 hens, but other group sizes are also available and used. Especially with the future changes in legislation larger cages are made and bought, so that these can be furnished later at the time it is required by law. Side partitions of cages can be solid or made of wire. The wire side partitions can deteriorate feather cover, but prevent part of the ventilation possibilities.

Most CCs are made of galvanized metal, but parts may be constructed with plastic. In Sweden a complete plastic cage was build.
The earlier cage models were positioned in one level (flat deck cages). Later on cage levels were stacked, sometimes up to 10 or more levels. When more than 3 levels are present devices are needed to be able to inspect all cage levels. To prevent manure from dropping on lower cage levels various devices are used. Scrapers or manure belts can transport manure to the center or end of the cage row where it drops in a pit or is further transported to manure storage. If the storage is underneath the henhouse, cages are usually placed in A-frames. The sloping back of the cage is covered with self-cleaning curtains or boards that deflect droppings.

Feed is provided in a feed trough running outside the cage area. Feed is distributed by means of chains, flex augers or hopper feeders. Water is provided mostly by means of 2 nipple drinkers per cage.

Cage doors usually have horizontal bars to enable hens to distribute evenly over de feeder space, without the necessity to move their heads back and forth through the cage doors. Research has indicated that horizontal bars reduces feather wear in the neck region. To open the cages doors usually slide aside ore can be unhooked and pushed inwards the cage.

Cages with manure belts can have manure drying systems. These mostly consist of air tubes blowing heated fresh air over the manure.

Manufacturers of CCs:
D: Big Dutchman, Hellmann, Meller, Salmet, Specht
USA: Chore Time
I: Facco, Tecno, Valli
F: Piers
E: Aruas, Zucami
Can: Valco