Single tiered non-cage systems

In non-cage systems the space of the hens is also used by carers to control the system. The single tiered systems are basically very simple in set-up. Some variation however is possible.

The floor is usually partly litter, partly slatted floor. The percentage litter floor and percentage slatted floor can vary. Often 1/3 of the area is covered with litter, but more litter area is also seen.The slats can be made of wood, plastic or wire mesh. Underneath the slats a manure pit or a manure removal systems (e.g. scrapers, belts) is placed. Usually the slatted floor is in the middle of the henhouse, with litter floors on both sides, but there are also houses where slatted floors are running alongside both walls and where litter is in the middle of the house. Often the nestboxes are positioned over the slatted floor, but they can also be placed over the litter. Nestboxes can be automated or hand collected, with a artificial grass bottom or with litter. Also the size of each nest can vary largely, from single nestcboxes for one hen at a time to group nests.

Feed is usually provided on top of the slatted floors, although this depends on the available space. For organic farming often the feeders are placed over the litter, Different type of feeders are possible, but over the slatted floor chain feeders do fit best. Water can be provided by means of nipples, cups or bell drinkers.

Perches are available and are usually placed in A-frames on the slatted floor.

Manufacturers of single-tiered non-cage systems:
D: Big Dutchman, Farmer Automatic, Salmet, Specht
NL: Jansen PE, Vencomatic